Q. Do you have bamboo that's good for privacy screens?
A. Yes, of course. Some bamboos are perfect for this, though it is true that with closer planting and trimming you can make screens and hedges with many different bamboos.

Q. Doesn't bamboo take over everything?
A. None of the bamboo offered for sale on this web site is invasive. They are all clumping bamboos and will not spread invasively like running bamboo.

Q. What do people use your bamboo for?
A. Mainly for landscaping, but the uses are almost endless for this most useful plant. Some bamboos are very multifunctional and can provide a number of benefits and products like shoots, timber, mulch, etc.

Q. How can I hide the neighbours?
A. With a screening plant like bamboo you can hide unwanted views. Bamboo can do this for you very quickly and easily. You can also have a screen of great beauty, and that you can maintain to your own preferred height in areas where there are strict limits on the size and type of screens that you can build.

Q. Do you sell Slender Weavers Bamboo?
A. Yes, Gracilis is our speciality.

Q. Your prices are good, but how many stems are there in a pot?
A. Our plants sell with minimum of three culms per container. Often there are four or five. We sell the best plants we can produce and do not sell half grown pots.

Q. Do you deliver to our area?
A. We do not deliver ourselves, but we can arrange a quote for delivery with a professional carrier, or you are welcome to make your own arrangements.

Q. How big will this (or that) bamboo grow?
A. The heights mentioned in our bamboo species descriptions are a guide, but please be aware that bamboo is a very adaptable plant and site conditions will affect this greatly.

Q. I live near the beach. How will salt spray affect my bamboo?
A. We live around 20 kilometres from the ocean and have no direct experience of this. However, we regularly supply bamboo to beachside areas and the feedback we receive indicates that the hardier species like Gracilis, Oldhami or Amoenus are not noticably affected.

Q. What's so special about Black Bamboo?
A. It's black.

Q. What's so special about Gracilis?
A. It's compact, upright, easy to grow, handles cold wind and heavy frost, looks great all year round, grows very fast and produces large amounts of shoots, makes a very dense hedge, responds well to pruning, etc., etc.

Q. Do you have enough water?
A. If it rains we do. (BOM Synoptic chart.) Careful earthworks ensure that our bamboo gains maximum benefit from the rainfall we receive.

Q. Do you have the ones you can eat?
A. Yes, and we do eat them. You need plenty of water, heavy mulch and the right varieties to grow good quality shoots to eat. Bamboo shoots are one of the easiest vegetables to grow, and are very good, healthy food. Even city people with room for one clump of Oldhami can enjoy this delicacy.

Q. Can I use the photos on your web site?
A. All photographs taken in Australia are copyright ( from the moment they're taken. We're happy for people to use them for personal home use. If you want use them for business or other public use, such as on the internet, then you need to contact us.

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